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Now #

This is a /now page.

Updated on April 9th, 2024.

Reading books #

I mostly read non-fiction books on Kindle devices. I find Goodreads is handy to track all the books. Some of my popular topics are: software engineering, philosophy, productivity, and psychology.

My reading goal for 2024 was 52 books, the same as 2023. However, Since I included some zines, I have read 32 of 52 books so far.

Learning Japanese #

Although I can read a lot of kanji and katakana now, I want to improve my proficiency continually.

I’m learning with Duolingo and books. I plan to consume more movies and music in Japanese too.

Writing and posting things #

I have not been writing here for quite some time, while I do have been posting things to other places not owned totally by myself, so I’m collecting them and will publish more into the archive.

Check again later.