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Moments at KubeCon NA 2019

This post is mostly a collection of tweets. Here are all the texts, but I've added links for the original content.

Jet lag around the corner #

#KubeCon San Diego in less than a week! Trying Timeshifter + Jet Lag Rooster + Sleep Cycle, let’s see if it's easier this time.

Breakfast at San Diego #

@idealhack said he wants something real.

Contributor Celebration Night #

Got the blackout in the Bingo game at #kcsna2019 tonight! Did I just get the best #KubeCon swag on day -1?

Contributor Summit #

Kubernetes Contributors, our summit #kcsna2019 at #KubeCon is happening now! Go right when you see the sign and follow along downstairs, if you have any questions, ask in the contributor-summit channel on!

opening session happening #kcsna2019

Kelsey Hightower: Reflections #

Chop Wood Carry Water #

Cloud Native Computing Foundation announces 2019 community awards winners | Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Feel so honored to receive the award! We are all being inspired and inspiring others.

Kubeyland on Friday #

#kubeyland fireworks

Echoes back in Japan #

Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #26 #k8sjp

ラストは @idealhack さんによるk8sリリースについてのRecap! #k8sjp

Slides here Be sure to watch the original talk by @guincodes and @LachlanEvenson