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Introducing Nodemix

In social relationships, people and communication services both can be viewed as nodes within networks. If these services can be mixed together, it will be easier and happier for people to mix with others.

The Gap of Communication #

Sometimes people become less familiar because of using different communication services, other times, people may lose contact after they change their phone, emails or addresses. These communication gaps between contacts should not exist. We care about people, not their numbers or letters.

Nodemix will provide a social way of managing contacts. You can connect with people simply by scanning QR codes. You can edit your own profile and push information changes to your contacts. From now on, we will not worry about if we can contact someone, the only thing need to do is search their names.

Why Group Contacts #

People’s social network are made up of different circles, such as family, friends, classmates, colleagues, customers, etc., some people may have exclusive phone numbers for family or particular emails for work. As we can edit our own profile, how could we let different people knowing certain information?

The answer is groups. Not only they can help you managing your address book, but also they are precise privacy controls in Nodemix. Your contacts in different groups will have the certain information which you want them to know.

The Core of Social Network #

People’s life are enriched by the rise of various social network services, so you are busy checking Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But there’s one problem you almost forgot, the address book is the core of your most social life.

Nodemix will help you to reorganize the social network. We are trying to let people communicate with their contacts in one place, by bridging actual and virtual services and filter out the noises. Now you can view the activities between you and certain contacts much more easily.

Your Data is Priceless #

Data is more and more important to people in this information age. Our digital property should not vanish because of devices replacement or loss, whether it’s text or images.

Nodemix will make them safely protected and available for using and updating at anytime. And they will be syncing between different platforms smoothly once you signed in, so you will never worry about replacing mobile phones.

Mix All Nodes in One Place #

It’s time to return to the essence of social life.

Nodemix will reorganize your social networks, make it gapless and noiseless.